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Thread: Wowza Live Smooth Streaming with Silverlight is behind the Real Time

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    Default Wowza Live Smooth Streaming with Silverlight is behind the Real Time

    Hello Forum,

    I have setup the Wowza live smooth streaming with my Silverlight SmoothMediaElement as the player for the live streaming which comes from one of my IP live cameras. The whole setup for silverlight smooth streaming has been made by refering the following tutorial link.

    The problem is , the live stream is behind the real time. e.g if the real time is 02:24:25 AM then the stream is far behind from the real time.
    Sometimes around 1 minute and 40 seconds behind the time.

    Please help me out. Where could the problem be??


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    Do you see the problem with the Wowza LiveVideoStreaming/clientSilverlight/ example?

    Any error messages reported? Is the camera producing an interlaced stream? That could be the problem.

    What is the camera stream encoding/settings? codec, keyframe interval, framerate, etc.. You can play the camera stream with ffmpeg: ffmpeg -i [stream URI] and post the ffmpeg output.

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    Thanks Randall for your reply..

    Yes i checked the Wowza Live streaming example provided. ( LiveVideoStreaming/clientSilverlight/ ). Its having the same problem. The stream that it sends is far behind as
    that of the actual time. But with the flash example, the video is running with time.

    I am using the .stream files for the live streaming in both the Silverlight example and the Flash example.The file content that I use for .stream file is as follows

    The IP camera is an AXIS camera.

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    Some suggestions for addressing Silverlight delay here: Smooth Streaming fragmenter parameters

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