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Thread: nDVR suitability for my uses and RTMP playback

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    Default nDVR suitability for my uses and RTMP playback


    I've been evaluating Wowza Media Server for use as our main media server application and have been impressed thus far. We need a media server which:

    1. Has a robust and well documented server side API for performing tasks on stream creation/deletion and other events
    2. Accepts incoming video streams via RTMP (Flash Media Live Encoder)
    3. Rebroadcasts incoming video streams to one or more simultaneous clients
    4. Saves incoming video streams for future playback by one or more simultaneous clients

    Based on the documentation here, it sounds like the nDVR add on is best suited for the last three items above, but I'm confused as to why I cannot stream the saved videos from the server using RTMP and instead have to use HTTP. I have seen responses from Wowza engineers while browsing through this forum topic confirming this limitation.

    So my question is whether there is any way to configure the "dvr" application (or another) to support RTMP streaming or if is just a known limitation that will possibly addressed in a future version of Wowza Media Server. Ideally we would like to stream live and saved streams to an Adobe Flex based video client via RTMP.

    I am still fairly new to the world of video server technology and obviously Wowza Media Server as well, so please let me know if I am just misunderstanding things.


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    Wowza Server supports items 1-4. You can request a free developer license which has full access to the server and premium AddOns (nDVR, Transcoder, DRM) from here to try your workflow and APIs. Correct, Wowza nDVR currently supports streaming over HTTP. We may add other support in the future, but I don't know when that might be. Wowza nDVR allows you to record a live stream while simultaneously allowing you to play or pause the live stream, rewind and then resume playing at the live point. If your workflow does not have a requirement of being able to pause, rewind and resume during the live event recording, then there are other options of recording with Wowza Server without the nDVR AddOn. You can use StreamType "live-record", or for more control, the live stream record module and stream over HTTP, RTMP, RSTP. StreamType "live-record" and the live stream record module both are possible with the base Wowza Server and they will record the video into 1 single file (flv, mp4) which can be played back once the live event is over.

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