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Thread: skystar TV card dazzle or other tv media cards questions how to du it ?

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    Default skystar TV card dazzle or other tv media cards questions how to du it ?

    is there a way to send live stream from skystar tv card ( other cards & dazzle ) to the wowza server directly? or is there an interface program to do it?

    i think, many people are looking for a way to do it;
    if you could explain it;
    then everybody would benefit from yourreply.

    Thank you in advance, regards ...

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    Some RTMP based encoders can send streams that originate from a capture card.


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    Most of those cards send transport streams with multiple programs into an app. That app will then split off whatever you're wanting to watch and render it.

    To do it for restreaming is a bit more tricky. You've gotta take the transport stream, demux it, and encode the individual program streams inside and send off to Wowza. Most folks that do this are doing so with their own custom written software. You *may* be able to use VLC for this. When I first started doing it, I used TSReader Pro to attach to the cards and send off the program streams individually into an app to do the encode. (VLC could again be used for this part).

    Elecard Codecworks can do this also. But it's not cheap.


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