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Thread: Transcoding/restreaming a non-standard stream?

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    Default Transcoding/restreaming a non-standard stream?

    I have been using Wowza for a while, on an OSX platform... There's been a request by the user community to investigate live streaming. Unfortunately, our source ( outputs mp4v, but not part 10, so not h264. I've been trying (unsuccessfully) to get VLC to transcode it on-the-fly and send it to a development instance of Wowza.

    My question, I know the new version of wowza, on linux and windows platforms, supports transcoding into other formats/streams. Would this plugin work to encode from the non-mp4-part10 file into one that could successfully be exported?

    Just thought I should ask before going through the effort of bringing up a virtual machine running windows and trudging through the documentation and trial/error.

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    Wowza Transcoder works with live streams. If you can get it VLC to stream the file as live to a Wowza application with Transcoder enabled, and live-record StreamType, and if the source file encoding is supported for decode in Wowza Transcoder, then you should get a transcode file. It's not really the intended purpose of Wowza Transcoder, but it can work.


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