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Thread: Server Spec?

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    Cool Server Spec?

    Hi all

    I am making a new live streaming site. Well two :P

    What I am looking to know is how much can I run off a;

    Spec 1)
    Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU W3520 @ 2.67GHz (4 cores 8 threads)
    24GB RAM
    2 HDs
    100Mbp/s and 1Gbp/s line

    Spec 2)
    Intel Bi Xeon E5606 2x4x2.13+ GHz
    24 GB RAM
    10Gbp/s line

    Looking to do 1080,720 and 360 out from multiple streamers to broadcast to multiple viewers.

    can anyone give me a guess at how much that will run?

    Thank you!
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    The usual limiting factor is bandwidth. You should get about 800mbs per 1gbs. Which is about 1600 500kbs streams. But you have to test. Write to to request the Load Test tool to test the actual capacity of your server and network. There is a document to sign and return.

    Make sure servers are tuned.

    Regarding the 10gbs nic, one instance of Wowza/64bit Java JDK can saturate up to about 5gbs. To fully utilize 10gbs, you have to run two instances of Wowza/Java. Each instance of Wowza has to be licensed separately, and takes some finessing to make work in that scenario. So only expect about 5gbs at the most with one instance of Wowza/Java


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    Ah thank you!

    So I could get 16,000 500kbps streams on this server bandwidth wise?

    Will the CPU be to slow for that many?

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    You really have to test.


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