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Thread: Question about performance of transcoder

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    Default Question about performance of transcoder

    I want to send audio / video for all users on all platforms including Android and iOS.

    What is the best option?
    1. An application "live" using transcoder and serving all customers?

    2. An application "live" serving H.264 video for all flash players and android (this is the source/origin application) and other application "liverepeater-edge" receiving stream from origin with the transcoder enabled and serving iOS customers only?

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    The answer depends on expected audience size. If you expect a huge audience, you should setup Liverepeater and the Load Balancer. Otherwise, keep it simple, use one server.

    The usual limiting factor is bandwidth. A server with a late model dual quad, 8 gigs of ram, 64bit OS/Java VM should be able to saturate a 4gbs nic, which is about 3200mbs minus overhead, which is over 6000 concurrent 500kbs streams.

    Wowza has a load test tool so you can see actual server and network capacity. Write to to request it. There is a document to sign and return.


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