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Thread: Wowza 3 as a caching origin ??

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    Default Wowza 3 as a caching origin ??

    So based on all the forum posts I've seen so far it looks like Wowza is still not setup to be HLS or HTTP caching origin..
    Currently we are trying to use Edgecast CDN but are running into an issue because of the caching problem.. I am seeing 600 connections on my origin when there is only 150 people watching, I am assuming this number will keep growing as we get more viewers and will eventually be a problem, especially that we are still using 80% of the bandwidth as if we would to provide direct streaming to our viewers..

    Please enlighten me.. do we need to find a different CDN or is there a way around this ?


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    Hi Mike,

    Have you followed the directions Edgecast provides for connecting a Wowza Server to their network? If you haven't seen those, please contact your technical account manager at Edgecast.

    Separately, if you do choose to try a different CDN, we have a list of preferred Wowza-powered streaming partners posted here:


    John West
    sales -at-

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