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Thread: Remote shared object changes not getting sent to peers

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    Question Remote shared object changes not getting sent to peers

    I have an application running Wowza 3 on Amazon, where clients will connect to a remote shared object over rtmpt. One client will poll an http web service, and call setProperty on the shared object to send the other connected clients the service result. I typically only have less than 500 connected clients to a shared object, each shared object will have less than 10 named properties to be updated, and only one client will call the setProperty method to update these values. Everything works well most of the time, I can see the changed values getting sent to the server and other clients receiving the updated values, yet there are times when some clients who connected to the netConnection and the shared object successfully do not receive the sync events, nor any errors. When and if this does happen, I wait and try again in a few minutes and can then see the change sync events do get dispatched to the clients again. It looks as if the server is not sending the shared object changes to the clients, perhaps because it is busy or over loaded in some way. I canít really provide steps to reproduce this as it happens very infrequently, but it does happen and I'd like to know why.

    Is there a way to load test and log everything that's happening with the shared objects on the server, to make sure it is getting the setProperty calls to change the values, and to see that is has sent the new values to the connected clients?

    Any advice is appreciated!

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    You can log everything in the module with getLogger().info("log this message").

    I don't think you can expect the equivalent of db atomicity with shared objects and Flash clients. For finer control and possibly some system of validating messaging, you can use and NetStream.send on the clients side, and, IMediaStream.send, and IApplicationInstance.broadcastMsg on the server-side

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    Swicker, did you find a resolution to this problem? I too, am having issues with my remote shared objects not syncing correctly -- most of the time, but not all of the time.


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