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    Default cost estimate

    on a side note, i saw a cost estimate formula on another post

    since I have too many hats on right now can you help me do the math on this one?

    VOD (how-to video):

    Amazon - Wowza

    2 Hours of 3-5 minute video clips x 2 = 4 hours (2 hours for each product)

    paywall implemented on website - subscription to each product

    100 clients accessing randomly (this is the part that's hardest to much actual use)
    75 clients accessing 4 hours (2 products)
    25 clients accessing 2 hours (1 product)

    need to know monthly cost

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    Not quite enough info there. To factor data transfer and storage costs, we'd need to know the average bitrate of the video files.
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    i assume if i am using adaptive its hard to know what will get served but more users would probably have good connections and be on desktop computers so it would be on the higher end of the encoded files, like maybe 800-1200???

    </StreamInfo><StreamInfo Size="1080, 608"><Bitrate><VariableConstrainedBitrate PeakBitrate="1600" PeakBufferWindow="00:00:00" AverageBitrate="1400"/></Bitrate>

    </StreamInfo><StreamInfo Size="640, 360"><Bitrate><VariableConstrainedBitrate PeakBitrate="1200" PeakBufferWindow="00:00:00" AverageBitrate="1000"/></Bitrate>

    </StreamInfo><StreamInfo Size="476, 268"><Bitrate><VariableConstrainedBitrate PeakBitrate="750" PeakBufferWindow="00:00:00" AverageBitrate="650"/></Bitrate>

    </StreamInfo><StreamInfo Size="320, 180"><Bitrate><VariableConstrainedBitrate PeakBitrate="450" PeakBufferWindow="00:00:04" AverageBitrate="350"/>

    how to calc average bitrate of the video files?

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