I have a problem using the repeater streaming on iphone and silverlight.

I have one server configured with liverepeater-origin and other configured withg liverepeater-edge

When i tried to access with rtmp work fine, but with iphone and silverlight, this method don't works.

935/live/_definst_/stream	rtmp://IP1:1935/live/rtmp://IP2:1935/live/_definst_/stream	-	rtmp://IP1:1935/live	-
2012-05-28	13:54:52	WEST	comment	server	INFO	200	-	HTTPStreamerMediaCasterStreamLock.lockRepeaterStreams[cupertinostreamingpacketizer:cupertinostreamingrepeater:httprepeater]: repeaterLock: streaming		live	_definst_	429913.878