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    I've got Wowza installed on my server, and it is running just fine. However, it only runs while I am logged into my Linux Server. How can I start it so that it keeps running even after I have left Linux?

    Also, does Wowza have an admin app similar to the one used by FMIS?

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    Start Wowza as a service for it to run when you log off SSH client and across server reboots.

    There is not an admin app that ships with Wowza, but you can use JConsole for monitoring and some limited "operations"

    JConsole/JMX is mostly used for monitoring. Don't look to it for creating applications, etc.

    Also, for the new user, take a look at this flat list of Wowza articles, tutorials and examples


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    Thanks for the info.

    In the past, I have always suggested Red5 to clients as an alternative to FMIS. However, I think from now on I am going to suggest Wowza.

    The price is fair(at least fairer than the $4500 Adobe wants), and the support is way better than for Red5. And Wowza set-up things on my server that took me days to sort out with both R5 and FMIS.


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    Thanks a ton for the kind words. Very happy to hear things are working out for you.


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