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    so its seems JW is not yet using HTTP Dynamic?

    my understanding so far is, for VOD....that RTMP is used for secure web based streaming. and, also for VOD, Apples HTTP Live is used for iOS which also works on Android. Is that correct?

    also, do you know if JW does support and if not what is the alternative? (i have built my whole app around JW but could do switching i guess if i had to)

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    JW Player use RTMP Dynamic for multi-bitrate

    This is a bridge for the server-side smil or ngrp (Transcoder MediaList) and JW player RTMP Dynamic:

    I think the upcoming JW Player 6 will make the above bridge technique obsolete.

    You can stream to Android with RTSP. Some versions are supposed to support cupertino (HLS) and some support Flash and Flash HTTP (HDS), but reports are mixed. It seems impossible to sort out which Android will do what and deliver different types of streams based on userAgent. RTSP is the only thing that works across versions.


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