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    I'm thinking of using Wowza to transcode an MPEG TS live stream to MP4 (also live stream) and I was wondering if it is possible to use nDVR add-on after the Transcode add-on, ie, keep the transcoded files (MP4) as DVR.

    Also is it possible to push these MPEG TS live stream to another server (functioning only as a relay server)?

    Thanks in advance,

    Andre Carrilho

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    You can couple the Wowza Transcoder and nDVR to transcode and record a live stream at the same time using one Wowza application and Application.xml file.

    nDVR saves the recording as .m4fa and .m4fv files, available for playback while the live stream is being recorded. If you have a requirement of saving your recording in a single .mp4 file, then you will want to configure StreamType "live-record" in Application.xml. Or, for more control, you can use the Live Stream Record Module. With these 2 recording options, the .mp4 file will be available for playback as video on demand after the recording is completed.

    If you do use Transcoder and nDVR together, a separate directory will be made for each newly transcoded stream created by Transcoder and and then recorded by nDVR. For example, if your Wowza application name is "live", input stream name is "myStream" and you are using the sample Transcoder template [install-dir]/transcoder/templates/transrate.xml, the following directory structure will be created in [install-dir]/dvr/live/_definst_/myStream



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