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Thread: Can i get the request from client through wowza?

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    Default How can i implement a seeking through wowza?

    Hi, everybody

    i'm using RTSP/RTP based encoder(ffmepg) to publish a live stream.

    when a client play the stream(vlc), seeking bar is not available.

    what shoud i do to support random seek(backward and forward) for a client ?
    DVR doesn't support forward seek.

    (wowza setting, recommended menual and so on..)
    StreamType is "live" in my Application.xml..

    the structure i want..

    transcoder(realtime, rtp/rtsp) -> wowza -> client(play)
    client(request seeking at random position) -> wowza -> transcoder(move to request position)
    transcoder(realtime transcoding start at request position) -> wowza -> client(play at request position)

    it is similar to VOD, but i use a rtp/rtsp stream as a substitute for file.

    Thank you for your interst.

    help please..
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    You can't seek or pause a live stream. And not even nDVR will let you seek into the future.

    What you are doing is not similar to vod, it is live streaming with a file source. If you want vod streaming with ability to pause and seek forward and back, just do vod streaming: put the file on the server in the content folder.


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    thanks for your comment~

    but what i want to do is to use my transcoder with wowza in VOD streaming.
    so, the transcoder need to get communications between wowza and client through wowza.

    Is it possible??

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    Video on demand transcoding is not yet available for Wowza it only does live stream at the moment.

    If you use nDVR you can seek backwards and forwards but only back to real time.
    Example if you go back 5mins you can then go forwards 5mins back to real time.

    If you want to use multi-bitrate for video on demand you need to have the same file in more that one bitrate and have that file time-code aligned.

    Video on demand tutorial here

    Note this requires a smil file :

    <video src="mp4:bigbuckbunny_450.mp4" system-bitrate="450000"/>
    <video src="mp4:bigbuckbunny_750.mp4" system-bitrate="750000"/>
    <video src="mp4:bigbuckbunny_1100.mp4" system-bitrate="1100000"/>
    <video src="mp4:bigbuckbunny_1500.mp4" system-bitrate="1500000"/>


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