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Thread: recording part of a stream

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    Default recording part of a stream

    Hi there,

    we are wanting to migrate our application from FMS to WOWZA but there is one key bit of unedrstanding we need first::

    on FMS i can have a stream running and using ssas call Stream.record() to record this stream (the bit of the stream that i want)

    in our scenario we have a recorded stream already, the user reviews and then wants to top and tail. I know that i could add metadata etc, but i am looking for a way to physically top and tail the file as i would with stream.record()

    is there any way of doing this in wowza as i see from the api mapping that there is no equivalent



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    There is nothing like that built-in to Wowza.

    Are they .flv files? Take a look at this example as a starting place:


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