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    I have a bit of a mystery with the application files for my Wowza app. Well, it might not be such a mystery to someone who actually understands what is going on.

    I used the IDE to build an app. The app runs fine. However, there are no files being saved to my 'applications/{myApp}' folder.

    I found this out when I tried to upload the app to my server and it didn't work.

    So, here are my questions:

    If the app is not being saved to my 'applications/{myApp}' folder, then where is it being saved to?
    If it is not being saved, then how is Wowza able to find and run it?
    How do I find the compiled app so I can upload it to my server?

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    The IDE writes a jar file to the Wowza /lib folder. It is named [yourProject].jar

    That is the file you move to production, also to the Wowza /lib folder. Be sure to restart Wowza after you add a jar file


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    Ok. Thanks.

    This makes me wonder if I am configuring things correctly.

    From what I can see, when I add an app, I have to deal with 3 folders;

    Applications - add a folder named after my app
    Conf - add a folder named after my app
    bin - My app.

    Is this correct or is there a way to combine all of these into 1 folder? Or is there some advantage to having the app distributed like this?

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    You do not need the Wowza IDE to create applications, it is for creating extensions to Wowza. And the bin folder is not involved in creating a Wowza application. The /applications and /conf folders are involved.

    Take a look at the Quickstart Guide here:

    Start at the top: Application Configuration.


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