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Thread: iphone http streaming issue

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    Default iphone http streaming issue


    I was trying to stream (http) sample.mp4 on iphone through wowza server. Code I am using is

    <video x-webkit-airplay="allow"
    controls alt="Closet Feed" width="640" height="360"
    autoplay="autoplay" muted="muted"/>

    video is streaming on one wowza server but its not streaming on other. Streaming is creating on it but whenever it starts it shows a message in phone like 'this video can not be played'. Bot wowza server have same sample file. One difference I have noticed on INFO is

    INFO server comment - MediaReaderH264Cupertino.handlePacket[vod/_definst_/sample.mp4][mp4a.40.2]: AAC Audio info: {AACFrame: size: 0, rate: 48000, channels: 2, samples: 1024, errorBitsAbsent: true, profileObjectType: "LC"}
    INFO server comment - MediaReaderH264Cupertino.handlePacket[vod/_definst_/sample.mp4][avc1.66.30]: H.264 Video info: {H264CodecConfigInfo: profile: "Baseline", level: 3.0, frameSize: 424x240, displaySize: 424x240, crop: l:0 r:4 t:0 b:0, frameRate: 24.0}

    This is comment on successful streaming and

    INFO stream create sample.mp4 -
    INFO server comment - MediaReaderH264Cupertino.indexFile[vod/_definst_/sample.mp4][mp4a.40.2]: AAC Audio info: {MediaCodecInfoAudio: codec:AAC, channels:2, frequency:48000, samplesPerFrame:1024, objectType:LC}
    INFO server comment - MediaReaderH264Cupertino.indexFile[vod/_definst_/sample.mp4][avc1.66.30]: H.264 Video info: {MediaCodecInfoVideo: codec:H264, profile:Baseline, level:3.0, frameSize:424x240, displaySize:424x240, frameRate:24.000000}
    INFO cupertino connect 1052202351 -

    this is on unsuccesful strem comment

    I can see some difference.. Any clue ??

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    Did you forget to copy in the unsuccessful log lines? What versions of Wowza are these two servers?


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    yes copied both logs.. I think you missed last log.

    Actually I figured out the issue . The issue is with wowza latest vesrion . I downgraded wowza to 3.0.3 and no issues so far.

    Thank you

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    Hi hansemmanuel,

    So, you're saying the latest version of Wowza cannot play the sample.mp4 on iPhone?

    It's best for you get this working with the latest version of Wowza. Let us know if you need help sorting it out.

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