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    I am writing a web application where multiple people can enter a video chat and we're streaming the video through Wowza 3. What I'm looking to do is grab the video stream before it gets published and manipulate it, probably by using a decoder to get the frames and then manipulating the frames before re-encoding and using the Publisher API to create a new stream.

    During this process I believe I need to use IMediaStream.getStreamFileForRead() to obtain the object, leverage that to get a file input stream and in a separate thread begin reading from that file, for as long as there is data there, and doing my conversion on the contents.

    Two main questions: does that look like the right track, and if so does anyone have good suggestions for creating a new thread and managing to only snag frames or frame-length-data from the file?

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    I think that method will only work for vod stream. The only possible example that might be relevant, possible starting place, reference that I know of is this watchdog example which looks at packets from a live stream:


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