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    Default Streaming on Android

    Hi all,

    I'm trying to stream a video on some mobile devices without much success on Android. I've got this working great on iOS using the html5 video tag:

    <video id='myfileplayer' src='<user>/<video name>/playlist.m3u8' width='280' height='200' controls></video>

    However on Android I just get this weird behavior (large misplaced play button). Of course it does work fine if I just use the html5 video tag with a direct link to the video:
    <video id='myfileplayer' src='myvideo.mp4' width='280' height='200' ></video>

    Anyone have any ideas what is going on here?


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    Hi tpepernic,

    I have not yet heard of the HTML5 video tag working on Android with live H.264/AAC streams. Do you have a citation where this is working?

    I have seen Cupertino streams work as a standard a href hyperlink, on some Android devices, which is then opened in some players.

    The standard for Android streaming is via RTMP or San Jose HTTP playing in a Flash player, or an RTSP hyperlink which is then opened in an Android player app. See the VOD Tutorial for examples of these last three stream URIs.

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    I have heard of support for cupertino and htm5 /video tag in Android 3, but reports have been mixed. RTSP is best across versions


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