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Thread: Multi live stream from IP cameras

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    Question Multi live stream from IP cameras


    I have two IP cameras and trying to playback two streams in the same time, but
    now I got some problems, only one stream can watch.
    I created two files
    "" content is "rtsp://"
    "" content is "rtsp://"

    then I used Stream Manager to start two streams named &
    but only can playback.


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    Hi Young,

    Any messages in the logs or console output? Probably you are using a developer license which is limited to 1 incoming stream.

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    The message I got is "hit license limit for publishing streams. Publishing stream is stopped."
    and I use the Trial key, I think that is the reason.
    Thank you very much!

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    There is a 6-month Developer license with a 1 incoming (published) stream limit. The 30-day trial license I don't think has a limit.

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