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    Default Detect Active Origin

    We are planning to create fail-over system with two origin servers. We have custom code on the edge servers.
    In case one of the origin fails we will need to know that is down so we can redirect all info that was send to this server to the active one.
    The question is:
    Is there method in the API to find out the IP or URL for the origin server (active one) from which the stream is received on the edge side?

    Tome Nedanovski

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    Do you want to know when a server goes down, or do you want to get the IP of a working server?

    You can getRepeaterOriginUrl() of an app instance. See the Wowza API User Guide for more info.

    The LiveRepeater Quickstart shows how to add a failover origin to an edge.

    There may be a better way to do what you're trying to do. Maybe if you explain "redirect all info that was send to this server". Which info?

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