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Thread: Mpeg ts need urgent help

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    Default Mpeg ts need urgent help

    Hello I am working on a distance learning project. I am trying to see if I can use WMS 3 and output UDP to a mutiplexer for broadcast. I have tried to setup the Add on MPEG TS. Setup a an Mpeg encoder and try to stream to WMS using UDP. I dont know what I am doing wrong but it just dont work. Can I get someone who can just execute this for me even at a cost so I can test this feature to determine what are the next steps. Been on this for a while. Please help.

    The idea is to use WMS 3 and UDP feeds to Mutiplexer in IP blocks of 20 to feed 3 different transmitters. This will feed in 3 # 6MHZ TV frequencies.

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    Write to and request list of independent consultants


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    Hello Richard, can you help me find someone who can just remote and assist. All I need is to configure why I am not getting TS out. Been waiting on support all day. Thanks in advance

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