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Thread: User tracking of streamed media

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    Default User tracking of streamed media

    We have a large library of videos and would like to provide more detailed info back to the users about which videos have already been watched, where they left off within a video... I found a couple threads that seemed similar but not quite what I was looking for:

    Anyway to gain info such as:
    UserID File Completed Resume_location
    546 Video 1 1
    546 Video 2 0 5:22
    546 Video 3 0 6:54

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    The 2nd link is critical part of what you want to do. The 1st link is not relevant to this subject that I can see, but hopefully useful else-wise.

    The way to create entirely new logging fields is with the ILogNotify interface. Take a look at the ServerSide API, an example is included.

    Also look in the /conf/ file at the commented out list of all built-in log fields, not all of which are used in the default access log, which you can see in the .Fields list


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