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    Is there a way to tell wowza client's (playstream) IMediaStream to seek to the EOF (end of buffered data)? I have a live stream playing.. User selects new content that they'd like to see. It's like 10 seconds delay for the new content to display as the old content continues to stream out even though the source of the video changed immediately. I believe that this is due to the data that is already buffered on the liveedge although I suppose it could be buffered anywhere in the stream path (e.g liveorigin). How can I flush this data out so that the switch is almost immediate? reset stream? close/reopen stream?

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    There is not a way for Wowza to tell a Flash RTMP client what to do in this regard. You could dispose of the current Netstream object and create a new one, to at least be sure the start-up time had to do with the new stream only, that buffering of the old stream was not a factor.

    Take a look at this guide:


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