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Thread: Best web player for multicast

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    Default Best web player for multicast

    Hello Wowza community,

    Since most of our video streaming is without our own corporate walls, it would be nice if we could multicast to all users rather than unicast. Right now we guide them to a web page that has an embedded flash player. This site looks at the users current location (we have a couple of sites, all with a local Wowza server) and generates the proper embed code.

    Flash doesn't allow multicast. At least, not a version that works with Wowza. And that's a bummer. But I got to thinking that maybe there is another player that will work? I have been tooling around with embedding VLC but the user experience across different platforms and browsers leaves a lot to be desired.

    Wondering if the community has any embedable player suggestions that will work with Wowza, work cross-platform and not give my users a painful experience?



    Benjamin Higginbotham

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    Open a ticket at regarding this. Include link to this thread.


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