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Thread: Client upload/download ratio question

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    Default Client upload/download ratio question

    I have a technical question.
    Me and a friend of mine tested the upload required for our streaming service (based on wowza media server 3).
    We saw that no matter who initated the call, both the times - the upload was higher at one client than the other (double sized).
    for instance my upload was 80kb, my download was 40kb and my friend ratio was opposite (80kb download, 40kb upload).
    We also checked skype and this ratio was there also no matter who made the call.
    My question is how does the primary client decided (I mean the side with the higher upload) ? is it because my bandwidth is higher ?

    Thank you very much


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    Yes, probably Skype and Flash determined that was the appropriate upload bandwidth for your connection. In Flash it is possible to explicitly set a publishing bitrate.

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    Thank Randall,
    Just to make sure:
    Do you mean that they both (skype and flash) checked who has the higher upload and chose the client that will "host" the chat (i mean has the higher upload) ?
    Is that always the algorithm - the client with the higher upload gets to "host" the chat ?

    Thanks in advance


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    To check the uplink capacity from a particular client to Wowza, you can use this utility:

    To test download, use this:

    A client can't control the hops from its location to Wowza, or vice versa. It can only estimate what that is by various means. An RTMP connection has to send packets (look at source above) and measure time. For a Flash HTTP, Silverlight or iOS client it is much easier because they are receiving a series of chunks that are a known size, so bandwidth is obvious.


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