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Thread: Wowza server problems

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    Post Wowza server problems

    Hello, I ah this happened 2 times, it happens that the server is active for a long time and suddenly ran out of all audio, check the server was shut down but thinking that everything is active and the most strange that there went out the audio. This is the second time that I spend about 1 week ago the same way I have the vercion 3.1 the new one will be launched this the problem? to fix the first time I worked with or hardware reset, I had to reinstall the whole system is now the second time this happens I see if I could turn back the audio hardware and rebooting if I made ​​optener the audio, but here comes the funny thing that you see this happen within 1 hour the same thing happens again. know anything about it?

    Thank you.

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    We are going to need more information about the server you are having problems with.

    What OS are you running?
    Is it 32bit or 64bit?
    What server hardware are you using?
    CPU, RAM, etc...
    What do the logs say about the stream when the audio stops?
    Is the application live or on demand?
    Do you have any custom modules added to any of your applications?
    How many concurrent connections do you have?

    Answering these questions will give us some clues to finding out what's causing the issues you're having.


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