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Thread: muli-bitrate and video encoding

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    Default muli-bitrate and video encoding

    I am little confusing about muli-bitrat

    What is smil? how does it fit into the whole silverlight and ios?

    I thought HLS was for ios

    Also I have a video, I want it to work for the latest iphone, ipad, andriod, blackberry, silverlight and adobe flash player on the desktop. What is best way to encode it to reach these users with minimun about of files and best performance...Is there a one muli-bitrate approach? do I have to do a muli-bitrate and single files approach?

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    SMIL stands for Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language. If you have an encoder that produces multiple bitrate streams from a single source stream that are key-framed aligned, you can use a SMIL file which will link the files together for playback. At the time of playback, the player decides which stream is best suited to play. You can use SMIL files with Flash HTTP, HLS and Smooth Streaming (Silverlight) playback. Take a look at the Adaptive Bitrate Streaming section in the live tutorials for a sample SMIL file and playback syntax. For example, here is that section in the How to publish and play a live stream (RTSP/RTP encoder) tutorial. You could create 1 bitrate and choose the lowest common denominator for all the devices you are targeting. Another approach is to encode to a low bitrate stream, Baseline profile level 3.0 for mobile phones, higher bitrate and profile/level for latest model iPhone or iPad and then higher for desktop. Also see How to find Apple iOS device support and level information and RTSP troubleshooting guide.


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    THank you. You answered everything

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