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    Default StreamnameAlias

    I use VLC to broadcast and generate vlc.sdp file. I upload this file to Wowza and Playback fine.

    However, I want to convert this vlc.sdp to a nicer streamnamem like abcdef. So I use the Streamname Alias as below


    This does not work when I use the streamaname abcdef in the Flash Player. Does it look correct to you?


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    What steps do you take? Do you restart Wowza after adding the .jar file from StreamNameAlias addon?

    Which map file do you put that rule in. Make it a play alias in this case. The stream alias map is resolved when using StreamManager, and that does not seem part of your workflow, assuming you are using StreamType "rtp-live" and not using StreamManager.

    Otherwise, if you are using StreamType "live" and starting the stream in StreamManager, use the stream map file.


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    I use the streamtype "rtp-live" and I restared Wowza after adding the add on.

    I have a vlc.sdp streamname, but I want to use another streamname for the Flash player, like abcde

    so in the play.txt I use


    but the Flash Player won't play the streamname abcde.

    Can you please tell me how to map abcde to vlc.sdp


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    When you use StreamAlias this way you use the alias in the player, and map to an actual stream name in the play alias map file. For example in the Wowza LiveVideoStreaming player you could enter:

    Server: rtmp://[wowza-address]:1935/live
    Stream: abcde

    In the conf/ file you have a rule like this:
    abcde = vlc.sdp
    Where "abcde" is the alias, and vlc.sdp is the actual stream. There should be a file named vlc.sdp in the content folder.


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