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Thread: Building Vhost system...... but.....

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    Default Building Vhost system...... but.....

    Dear Wowza team!!

    I am tring to running sevral VHosts in one physical server.
    But I obain some error messages from Wowza server system like this.....

    Error: applicatins folder missing: \home\vhosts\Vhost02\applications

    ERROR server comment - VHost.loadConfig: Streams.xml missing: /home/vhosts/Vhost02\conf\Streams.xml
    ERROR server comment - VHost.loadConfig: MediaReaders.xml missing: /home/vhosts/Vhost02\conf\MediaReaders.xml

    and like too these files missing.....

    MP3Tags.xml, HTTPStreamers.xml and ETC.

    INFO vhost vhost-start VHost02 -

    How can I achieve this Vhosts system with no error messages.

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    Hi Jehun,

    It looks like maybe you specified backslashes somewhere instead of foreslashes. This usually doesn't work on Linux. It appears to me maybe you altered one of the Wowza environment variables. In which case, that env var needs to be fixed.

    Otherwise I suggest starting over from scratch and following the steps mentioned in the User Guide.

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    Thanks Randall.
    I will check it !!

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    Jehun, you asked:
    "According to your manual page 84, Vhost no need to have "server.xml".
    Should I put it to my 'conf' folder of VHost folder? "

    You use one server.xml in your main conf folder as the manual specifies. You can add vhost listeners that work with specific vhosts. Here is an example.

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    Jehun, could you please post the solution to your VHost path issue?

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    Try the following ConfigDir for each of your vhosts:

    This fixed it for me.

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