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Thread: Please Teach me the way to go VHost system.

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    Default Please Teach me the way to go VHost system.

    I have this error message.....

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    Hi Jehun,

    This is the same issue as your previous post, right?:

    Please use the same thread when posting. Extra threads make it more difficult to answer.

    Regarding your issue: There still seems to be a problem with your "path".

    1. Please post your VHosts.xml.
    2. Ensure the files you see in the error message exist in the correct location.

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    Ok Randall.... ^^
    Here is my VHosts.xml

    Is there anything wrong?
    Teach me plz ^____^

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    Have you got a directory for these paths? :

    In these directories you will need all the configuration files that are in the current default conf directory.

    The simplest way would be to copy the [Wowza-Install]/conf into /home/vhosts/vhost01/
    and to the others /home/vhosts/vhost02/ and /home/vhosts/vhost03/


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    Thanks Jason...
    I have already tried that path.
    But I had have return wrong path .... like

    How can I achieve VHost without error messages...... OTL
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    Try the following ConfigDir for each of your vhosts:


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    Thanks ChaosMonkey!!
    Already I have tried that path and success as soon before.

    You are right!!
    Vhost running without any error.... !! ^____^

    Randall? seeing this ??? ^^

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