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Thread: A problem with starting the video/big delays.

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    Default A problem with starting the video/big delays.


    I have the following problem with streaming „live“:

    1) Big delays occur, and they increase over time due to the video stream flow—they even reach 3 minutes after 30 minutes of play.

    2) Streaming starts—buffering occurs every 8 seconds—evidently, this isn’t a bandwidth problem as there is 1GBIT—the usage is between 10Mbit/s to, occasionally, 100Mbit/s.

    I’ll add that I’m „new“ in regard to server configuration, and I use the default settings. I will appreciate it if you provide information about how I can get rid of these problems.

    Below is the link to the configuration file „Application.xml“

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    This seems like a bandwidth issue, continually buffering and playing a stream suggest that you have a bottleneck somewhere in the setup.

    What bitrate are you streaming at and how many streams are being published?
    If you lower the bitrate and only publish one stream do you still have this issue?


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    I don’t think that capacity is a problem.
    This happens when there are 50 users, who are simultaneously watching the same channel.

    Video input:

    presetname Custom
    creationdate Thu May 31 10:52:41 2012
    videodevice AVerMedia BDA Analog Capture Secondary
    framerate 25.00
    width 720.00
    height 576.00
    videocodecid avc1
    videodatarate 520.00
    avclevel 40.00
    avcprofile 77.00
    audiodevice AVerMedia BDA Analog Capture Secondary
    audiosamplerate 48000.00
    audiochannels 2.00
    audioinputvolume 75.00
    audiocodecid mp4a
    audiodatarate 80.00

    I am sending the stream via FFMPEG from a different server with a 1 gigabit link (I use the command below):
    /usr/bin/ffmpeg -i "source…" -re -sameq -acodec copy -vcodec libx264 -f flv rtmp://

    Currently I am only transmitting 8 channels – I do not have many users – up to 100 maximum.

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    I would reduce the number of channels coming from your source. It looks like you are encoding your content to H264 and you may not have enough CPU on the encoding server to keep up, which would explain the buffering.

    Drop it to 4 channels and see how it performs then, or reducing it below 50 users connected, this may indicate a bandwidth issue.


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