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Thread: secure playback

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    Default secure playback


    I am using wowza 3.0.5 and publish stream with FMLE in the url(rtmp://localhost/live/streamname)

    Now I want to play this stream with a complicated url For egrtmp://localhost/live/#anycomplitcated#string&*/streamname

    And I want it shouldn't play with the same url what we publish with(rtmp://localhost/live/streamname)

    I know that stream alias,But we can change only the stream name with stream alias.

    I also know the secureurlparams. But if i use secureurlparam i cannot publish stream with(rtmp://localhost/live/streamname) have to stream with (rtmp://localhost/live/_definst_/doConnect=123)

    I don't like to prefer secureurlparams since i need complicated url only to play the stream not to publishing it.

    I want to Publish the stream with (rtmp://localhost/live/streamname) But playing the stream with complicated url egrtmp://localhost/live/dfdjhfjk/hhfh/fgfgf/streamname) or egrtmp://localhost/live/streamname/dfdjhfjk/hhfh/fgfgf) and it shouldnot play with (rtmp://localhost/live/streamname)

    Is this possible?

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    This can be done by following this tutorial,

    You will need the Wowza IDE to compile the code and know a little about coding.


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