I am trying to do live RTP stream of an aac-LC audio data to wowza.

1. AAC config data is formed & sent in rtsp sdp announce.
config = 1588 (aac-lc object type = 2; sampling rate 8Khz; number of channels = 1; 1024 samples; this comes out to be 1588 according to ISO14496-3 specs)

2. I read in this post to send "2 byte header" along with config data before actually sending aac rtp packets.
I am trying to send "01 af 15 88" data to wowza before sending 1st rtp packet.
Wowza is recognising packet format as AAC but none of the config info logs are actually printed in access log and no audio data is present in my receiver(which receives aac data from wowza).

my doubt is what exactly is those 2 bytes (supposed to be 0x01 & 0xaf, not sure) are corresponding to?

the same experiment works fine with ffmpeg streaming(rtp) from a local file to wowza.

Thanks in advance,