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Thread: ArchiveStrategy issue

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    Default ArchiveStrategy issue

    No matter what I set ArchiveStrategy to it always appends the streams together. Is there something else I need to set with this so that the old stream is deleted when a new one of the same names comes in?

    <!-- valid ArchiveStrategy values are append, version, delete -->

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    It is likely there has not been enough time for the timeout before the stream is re-started. Check your logs for these messages. In this example my application name is "dvr" and stream name is "delTest". With ArchiveStrategy set to "delete", if I disconnect my live stream and re-connect before all the below actions are completed, it will act like append mode.
    comment	server	INFO	200	-	DvrStreamManagerBase [dvr/_definst_/delTest] : Timeout occurred.  Destroying DVR recorder.
    comment	server	INFO	200	-	MediaStreamMap.removeDvrRecorder[dvr/_definst_/delTest]: Destroy DVR Recorder: dvrrecorder|delTest	
    comment	server	INFO	200	-	DvrStreamManagerBase [dvr/_definst_/delTest] : Timeout occurred.  Destroying DVR packetizer.	
    comment	server	INFO	200	-	DvrStreamManagerBase.removeStreamStore[dvr/_definst_/delTest] : stream:{DvrStreamStoreBase streamName:delTest.0 isLoaded:true canPlay:true canRecord:true hasEncryption:false isRecording:false isRecordingPaused:false props:{Properties: isDvrPacketizer: true}].	
    comment	server	INFO	200	-	MediaStreamMap.removeLiveStreamPacketizer[dvr/_definst_/delTest]: Destroy live stream packetizer: dvrstreamingpacketizer	
    app-stop	application	INFO	200	_definst_	dvr/_definst_
    This is actually one of the safeguards built in to nDVR to allow for when an encoder disconnects and then re-connects. You can adjust the time out value by adding the streamTimeout property. See the first property listed in the article.


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