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Thread: how to overlay/draw text, line, rectangle over live-recorded video streams?

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    Default how to overlay/draw text, line, rectangle over live-recorded video streams?

    i have a project that records live video streams from hd webcam to remote servers. while recording , we are making image processing for each frame in windows.. when we detect any frame containing our rule, we want to draw rectangle over video while it is being recorded.
    we can easily add rectangle etc to movieclip in flash, but i want to hardcoded draw rectangle to video while it is recorded. the final video must contain that rectangles..

    how it this possible? or is it possible ?


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    If you can do it in flash, perhaps you can use flash to send the camera stream to Wowza, and in flash add your rectangle. Then Wowza will record the stream it receives.

    Wowza has the ability to add overlays to Wowza Transcoder streams that come from a static image file. But, I don't know of a way to programmatically draw lines using the current Transcoder API. New features are being added all the time. Perhaps in the future there will be more direct control over such things in Wowza.

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