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Thread: rtsp/rtp interleaved

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    Default rtsp/rtp interleaved

    I have a question about rtsp/rtp interleaved property. Do we must change/add something in configuration files to activate this option or wowza dows it by default.
    Does forceinterleave property has a relation with this?

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    Yes, the forceinterleave property is set in Application.xml for each Wowza application. It is defaulted to interleaved as of Wowza 3.5.x or so. This controls StreamManager streams that you pull into Wowza from an encoder or camera. Not RTSP streams that clients request from Wowza.

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    So what about RTSP streams between clients and Wowza. How to enable rtsp/rtp interleave property?

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    There is no setting for this on the server side. The player/client make the request for an interleaved stream and
    then Wowza will provide it. For example VLC will attempt to play a udp stream, but if that fails it will make request
    to the server for the interleaved stream.


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