1) I understand the concept of rooms as path
connecting to rtmp://

- How can I broadcast ALL users for ALL rooms ? : (I think it is appInstance.broadcastMsg)
- How can I broadcast ALL users in 1 given room (room1) for instance ?

2) It seems Wowza needs to use AMFDataObject to pass object to flash
ex: _appInstance.broadcastMsg("newUserJoin", user); does not work
I need to "tranform" user Object into a AMFDATAObject
Is there a nice way to do that instead of using looping "put" ?

3) As users Management I use
HashMap<String, User> allusers = new HashMap<String, User>();

and then to get the userList from a room
ServiceUtils.invokeOnConnection("getUserList",new Object[]{ rooms.get(newUserWhoJoined.room ).users});

Where Room class is: (red5 version)

public class Room {
public String name;
public HashMap<String,User> usersByName = new HashMap<String,User>();

public Room (String name) {
this.name = name;


Any idea how to send HashMaps from Wowza to flash ?