I'm trying to stream a live RTP H.264 video stream from an IP camera through Wowza using an SDP file.
The camera is streaming at 1280x720, 512kbps and 10fps. When the stream is loaded by Wowza via the SDP file, it is reporting as running at 15fps and if I access the stream from Wowza using VLC, VLC is reporting 30fps.

As far as I can tell, the framerate for a H.264 is determined by the sprop-parameter-sets value in the SDP file.
I've generated the SDP file using VLC, but when I try to Base64 Decode the value, I just get a few characters back that don't tell me anything.

Is there a way that I can decode the sprop-parameter-sets value from an SDP file?
Can anybody confirm that it is this value that Wowza uses to determine the framerate?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions,