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Thread: Trouble using DVR with stream names which contain a slash

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    Default Trouble using DVR with stream names which contain a slash

    DVR seems to break when the stream name contains a slash. We've used stream names with slashes in live streaming scenarios for years without any problem, mostly to put live-record stream archives in the same directory structure as other on demand content. Now that we're integrating live DVR streaming into our content management system we're finding that it works fine until we put a slash in the stream name. In the logs we see something like this:

    WARN server comment 2012-06-14 21:36:47 - - - - - 542.774 - - - - - - - DvrStreamManagerBase.initStorage[livetcdvr/ngrp:default/live.mp4_all] : Not able to create DVR store: \\[SERVER]\live-recordings\livetcdvr\ngrp:default

    WARN server comment 2012-06-14 21:36:55 - - - - - 550.968 - - - - - - - HTTPStreamerAdapterSanJoseStreamer.service: Request timeout: 8000

    On the hard drive, the DVR is making folders like this:


    Notice it uses an underscore in place of the slash, rather than making a subdirectory. In basic live streaming using the live-record stream type, using a stream name with a slash will cause the server to create subdirectories. Can DVR streaming be made to do the same thing?


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    We do not support adding additional slashes to create sub-directories different than the standard location for storing the Wowza nDVR stores. However, you can specify the top level DVR folder through configuration or the API. Wowza uses a substitution algorithm to replace any character that cannot be used a folder name as a safeguard against failures. These slashes should not stop recording from occurring. Do you any .m4fa or .m4fv files within livetcdvr/_definst_/default_live.mp4.0/?

    It looks like the store creation warning is related to recording of transcoded files. Send a zip of [install-dir]/conf and logs and reference this thread and we can further troubleshoot why the store is not being created as expected.


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