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Thread: Wrong encoding of audio in RTSP stream from camera

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    Default Wrong encoding of audio in RTSP stream from camera


    I have an RTSP stream from a camera in this URL: rtsp:// This streams the video in h.264 encoder and the audio as mu law 8000 Hz PCM. If I use VLC I can see and hear well. Also, while watching the stream when Wowza restream it to a flash client everything seems fine. However, I use an rtp-record type of stream, and the result recorded file has bad Audio track. Video is fine, but it seems to get the audio as APDCM with 54000 Hz.


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    Probably it doesn't work because mulaw is not supported by the Flash file container.

    You will have to transcode with the Wowza Transcoder, or a 3rd party program like FFMPEG, mencoder, VLC, etc..

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    I am not sure I understand - The stream is using RTSP and is recorded in mp4 format buy Wowza. Why should the Flash file container limitations have any connection?


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    No, you are right - the file is being recorded in flv format. Can I make Wowza record it in mp4?

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    Sorry for the back and forth - I change the start command to have mp4: prefix and indeed the stream is recorded in mp4 format. However, now the recorded file doe not have any audio track at all!

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    Hi, I am still looking for a camera that will give me supported audio track. Do you know if G.726 ADPCM 16-40kbps codec will be supported by my cenario (distributing the stream by Wowza to flash clients)?

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