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    Question Setting up a VOD service


    I am helping some friends to set up a VOD streming service and none of us done it yet I am the most IT knowledgeable so here are my questions, since WOWZA is my choice for server streaming software ;-) Now here is the plan and my few questions:

    1. The streming service begins with 500 feature films (approx. 90 mins) and for the starter we plan to stream only "DVD quality" (H264 - 2000Kbps). HD (H264 - 4000Kbps) might come up a bit later, or just for some films. Now for the beginning lets say we expect 1000 viewers (in lets say the worst possible scenario as far as hardware demands are concerned). Now my question is, what hardware spec for the server would you recomend? And the next one is what would you recommend for the same but HD? The server will be sitting on a 1Gbit ISP so this should be sufficient.

    2. If here I choose: Wowza Media Server 3 License and Wowza DRM AddOn License do I understand correctly that for $1,990 I am fixed forever and ever as far as One server is concerned and the DRM for my films are concerned? Asking just to make sure (not from USA).

    3. Do I understand correctly, that your DRM plugin does not include Adobe Flash sollutions? By that I understand I can not use Flash Player for the films.

    4. Would you be so nice and point me to some URL where my web programmer can read a bit more about the DRM stuff? As I understand DRM it is a process of encrypting and decrypting of the stream to protect the films from being stolen too easily. Is that correct? That must mean some special demands that need to be met from web site. There are many questions for this matter so just please be so kind and punch me some good url where he can read everything. The matter of digital rights is very sensitive in this case (as it always is with VOD) so we need to be careful here

    That woud be all from me. Looking forward to your answear as soon as possible (since urgent is the time frame I work in right now).


    Filip "Seehank" Kubis
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    1. Your 1gbps connection would not be sufficient. With 1000 concurrent viewers at 2000kbps that would mean 1000 x 2mbps = 2gbps, and this doesn't account for up to 20% overhead.

    3. As far as I understand, it only works with certain solutions which support it, so you may need a custom player for the desktop.

    4. Your programmer can read about it here:

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    Quote Originally Posted by cbighea View Post
    1. Your 1gbps connection would not be sufficient. With 1000 concurrent viewers at 2000kbps that would mean 1000 x 2mbps = 2gbps, and this doesn't account for up to 20% overhead.
    Meehehe Ofc... anyways ISP should not be a problem...

    Thanx for the other replies, waiting for some more

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    This was also answered via email in a ticket.

    For streaming at 4000 Kbps, we recommend conducting your own performance tests to determine the best hardware spec.

    Please note that use of the Wowza 3 DRM AddOn product requires purchase of third party technology from one of our partners.

    You'll want to read the documentation available from those partners and consult with them regarding hardware recommendations. More information about the Verimatrix technology is available here:

    Many customers use our MediaSecurity AddOn (free) for protecting content sent to the Flash player. More info is posted here:


    sales at wowza dot com

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