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Thread: Fixed delay between incoming and outcoming streams

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    Default Fixed delay between incoming and outcoming streams


    I got a following setup: incoming stream is retranslated to clients via DVR.
    Incoming stream has some timing (like, time indication in top left corner), and I need to sync outcoming streams with it. Current synchronization works like this:

    // This will be calculated once at the start of the flashlet:
    dvrStartingPosition = serverTime - (playheadTime + dvrTrait.timeOffset)*1000 - LATENCY; // calculates starting timestamp for current dvr session

    // This will be calculated every time I want to know time of the incoming stream
    currentTime = dvrStartingPosition + (playheadTime + dvrTrait.timeOffset)*1000;

    LATENCY here is a latency between incoming and outcoming stream. I'm more interested in making it constant than in minimizing it. Is there any way to achieve that? Or, maybe, any suggestions for synchronizing logic?

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    The nDVR time you initially get should be time zero. If you know the time in the video when the first key chunk is saved to a nDVR store, you could use this information. I'm not sure how to get the incoming time information and calculate the equivalent time show in the video in Flash. Another way to make the latency constant is to 1) ensure that your audio and video packets are in timecode order. Therefore no sorting is required. 2) Ensure that the incoming stream has constant key frame intervals. The latency will be 2 chunks (key frames) plus a little. It's not exact. There may also be some way to insert some data events into the stream as the stream gets to Wowza Server. Another possibility is if you knew the time in your video when this is occurring, you could then pull these out on the player side.


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