Dear All,

I am using a third party application (Broadcaster.apk) to do live streaming from Android device.
I set up Wowza server for live streaming.
I used the android application and started streaming to the localhost id (PC where wowza is installed)
I used the live.html link (from examples) to play the live stream on PC.
there it uses a Flash player to play the live stream

Next step i tried to play on a receiver application on Android. This app uses the Android player to play the stream.

I did 2 kind of testing....

1. I used Flash media encoder on PC and used video codec as H264 and audio and MP3 / AAC . on Android player i was able to play the live stream
2. I used this third party application and tried to play on the Android player. It does not play.

I check the log of wowza server to understand the format , the stream is reaching the wowza server
it shows:

video codec : SPARK
audio codec : NellyMoss

These codecs seems to be send by the thurd party application which uses (.swf file)

I understand that these codes are not supported by Android devices and so the android player do not play the stream

I have to use this third part app. With this ,

1. how can i sole the issue and play on my android player.
2. How can i configure the wowza server to send it back in desired format for android player (H264 and AAC or MP3)
3. Is it possible to receive the live stream in SPARK and NellyMoss and still confugure it and make it play on Android devices?

Kindly help with suggestions.