I am having a difficult time getting my videos to play back to back from my playlist.

I am using flowplayer to test it out.
Basically after it completes the first video in the playlist. The player stops and I have to hit the play button again
for the stream to continue.

any ideas how I can solve this problem? Below is a copy of my smil file used for the live stream.

Thanks in advance for any help.


<stream name='Stream1'></stream>

<playlist name='pl1' playOnStream='Stream1' repeat='true' scheduled='2012-03-26 00:30:00'>
<video src='mp4:7_hl-Clouds-light-400k_416.mp4' start='0' length='-1'/>
<video src='mp4:11_hl-1-4-2-400k_416.mp4' start='0' length='-1'/>
<video src='mp4:8_hl-Clouds2-400k_416.mp4' start='0' length='-1'/>
<video src='mp4:10_demoreel4-4800k-400k_416.mp4' start='0' length='-1'/>