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Thread: LiveStream working as a DVR

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    Default LiveStream working as a DVR

    I'm facing an strange behavior using the live app.

    I've copied the file Application.xml to /live and configured exaclty as mentioned in your instructions.

    Then I configured Flash Media Encoder and started transmitting. So far, so good until this point.

    When I tried to play the video, first using your Live Video Streaming Example page and after using FlowPlayer (in my site), I had a surprise.

    All the video I was transmitting is been cached and, every time I start the video player, it starts to play this cached video, instead of the live video.

    Note that's not latency, since I can watch now the last video I transmitted, more than 3 hours ago.

    DVR is disabled.

    what could be happening?

    I don't know if there is any relation but It started to happen as soon as I started using the MediaCache.


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    Is the Application.xml using StreamType default? If so, perhaps it's recording the live stream, and playing that back.

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