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Thread: Why Wowza for VOD? JWPlayer examples just link straight to files.

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    Default Why Wowza for VOD? JWPlayer examples just link straight to files.

    I was setting up the JWPlayer and noticed it doesn't look like any of their examples are using a streaming server. They're just linking directly to the files and they seem to play back fine. I understand the security advantages of Wowza, but is there a performance playback reason I should use Wowza? I don't get it. What's the point? Sorry for such a newbie question!!!!

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    This is answered in the Wowza FAQ:

    1. Streaming is inherently more secure than progressive download because it only allows a small amount of video memory at any given time. SecureToken, RTMPE and other content security methodologies, such as DRM, are offered with Wowza Media Server 3 to further enhance content security.
    2. Streaming is throttled for bandwidth savings on videos that are not watched in their entirety. Savings vary widely depending upon abandonment habits, seek habits, replay and content duration.
    3. Seek, and moving forward/backward on longer video is greatly enhanced. Optional Wowza nDVR AddOn allows viewers to time-shift live streams with play, pause, rewind and resume features.
    4. Business models such as pay-per-minute content are easier to implement with streaming.


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    When in doubt, go back to the facts! Thanks Richard.

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