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Thread: International streaming EC2 best practices with Wowza transcoder

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    Question International streaming EC2 best practices with Wowza transcoder

    Hi all,

    Can someone please outline the best practices when trying to reach international audiences running Wowza on EC2? I'm specifically trying to reach an audience in India and the origin will be from the US. Currently running Wowza 3 with transcoder add-in on a c1.xlarge EC2 instance (standard Wowza AMI).

    My number 1 choice would be to use Amazon Cloudfront to serve distant areas, but Wowza does not work with Cloudfront. I'd really like to use Wowza though because of the excellent transcoder support with keyframe aligned adaptive streaming. I'm considering - probably mistakenly - doing this workflow:
    Wirecast -> Wowza transcoder (producing 3 streams adaptive bitrate) -> Adobe Flash Media server -> Cloudfront

    Or would it suffice to use Wowza with load balancer and have and origin in the US and edge servers in the Amazon Asia zone? Without Cloudfront I fear the connection between the instances will not be so good, plus you have to pay transfer fees in and out of each instance.

    Or is there a better option with Wowza? I looked at some of the Wowza-to-CDN solutions but they are very expensive upfront, unlike AWS pay-as-you-go options.

    Someone please set me straight with the best practice here. Thanks.

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    Those are the options, a CDN or Liverepeater but not Cloudfront. Re-streaming from an origin on another continent can be problematic; rtmp streaming is the most stable, and Flash HTTP (according to reports) seems to be the least stable in this scenario. If you have edge servers in different regions it would be best to connect clients that are as close as possible, but we don't have anything built-in for that, but something could be built around geoIP data, it would be the opposite of this locking module


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