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Thread: Live repeater streams not working

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    Default Live repeater streams not working

    Hi there,

    Time to consult Wowza Experts

    OK. Here is my situation. I am trying to use the liverepeater feature to restream from a local wowza to an external wowza.

    Internally, in my office, I've this setup.

    Wireless router (external IP address:a.b.c.d)
    On the LAN,

    1. IP camera connected to a video encoder (

    2. Local Wowza Server (

    3. Created [installdir]/conf/liveorigin

    4. Added Application.xml into [installdir]/conf/liveorigin

    5. Edited Application.xml:

    6. Edited Application.xml:

    7. Created file in [installdir]/content

    8. Test stream playback locally.
    server: rtmp:

    Works fine, no problem

    Now, when I play the stream from the liverepeater-edge, it doesnt work.

    External server running Wowza Media Server (Ip address: w.x.y.z)

    1. Created [installdir]/conf/liveedge/Application.xml

    2. Edited Application.xml:

    3. Created file in [installdir]/content
    Added: rtmp://a.b.c.d:1935/liveorigin/_definst_/

    4. Test playback on edge server:
    Server: rtmp://w.x.y.z:1935/liveedge

    No video is seen.

    In the logs, found these (a.b.c.d is the IP of wireless router)

    LiveMediaStreamReceiver.resetConnection: (SOCKET, R: /a.b.c.d:1935, L: /16.174.65.
    15:60304, S: /a.b.c.d:1935)
    LiveMediaStreamReceiver.internalConnect: rtmp://a.b.c.d:1935/liveorigin/_definst_[] - - - 9247.138

    What coudl be the problem?

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    Port 1935 not being forwarded correctly on the two different networks could cause this behavior.

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