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Thread: Hosting VOD Files on an Origin or WebDav/HTTP Server?

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    Default Hosting VOD Files on an Origin or WebDav/HTTP Server?

    We're planning to expose a Wowza server to internet for VOD, but security constraints prevent us from mounting the SAN directory on the server's filesystem.

    Consultants had suggested to us that we set up an Origin/Edge architecture, where an Origin server will read from the SAN and will forward streams to the Edge server. The Edge server will then serve these streams to the users. However, based on the documentation, liverepeater-origin and live-repeater edge are designed for livestreams. User interaction such as pause/seek won't be supported in this setup since the Edge server sees the stream as "live". Is the setup recommended by the consultants possible through some other configuration?

    As an alternative, could we use MediaCache to access the SAN through an intermediate WebDav/Http server? We're especially concerned about performance in this alternate setup because in our initial testing (500 video streams and 1000 audio streams on apache mod_dav), it performed poorly. Should we be expecting better performance in this kind of setup?

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    Actually, that is what MediaCache is for. The SAN or web server is the content origin. It is critical that the content origin have adequate network capacity/throughput to each edge and be stable.


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